Meet The Team

Noah Nathan

Chair and Founding Director

Noah graduated with an MSci in Physics from Imperial College London, where he was President of the Jewish Society for two years. He now works as a technology business analyst at J.P. Morgan. In his spare time, he enjoys making homemade wine and going on canoeing trips.

Sam Freeman


Sam is in his fourth year at UCL studying medicine (and three years away from his first salary). He has been active with UCL Jewish Society for all four of these years and was Campaigns Director in 2012-13. When not chasing patients or cannulating his medical colleagues, he sings as a chorister with numerous choirs, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

Jess Miron

Director for London Operations

Jess studies International Relations at the London School of Economics, where she was President of the Jewish Society. She is also involved in Israel advocacy campaigning on campus, helping to organise the #Rethink2014 campaign during Israel Apartheid Week. When she is not busy helping the Jewish community, Jess enjoys working with Start-Up companies.

Daniel Glass

Director for Northern Operations

Daniel is in his 3rd year at the University of Nottingham studying Chemistry and Molecular Physics. After being Shabbat Officer on the Jewish Society's committee he looked at futher ways to add to his involvement on campus and found Haverut. Daniel has been volunteering in numberous youth organisations and for school trips for the past 7 years and keeps looking for more to be involved in. In his free time, when he gets it, he listens to rock music and gets round to doing all that work he has avoided.

Michael Bodansky

Director for Young Professionals Programme

After studying at Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi in Jerusalem, Michael studied Hebrew and Arabic at Oxford University. He has a long involvement in Jewish communities, from running Bnei Akiva in Leeds, to being JSoc President in Oxford. After a stint as a Fundraiser at JW3 where he established the Young Professionals programme, he now works at Ogilvy.

Partners & Supporters

The Heart to Heart Project

The Heart to Heart Project is our major partner and largest sponsor. Founded in 2007, Heart to Heart empowers students to host shabbat meals for their uninvolved peers in over 30 college campuses in America. Much of Haverut's work and engagement strategies are closely modeled on Heart to Heart and we routinely share ideas and advice. Haverut is effectively the UK branch of Heart to Heart.


JHub inspires and supports positive social change in the British Jewish Community and beyond. The JHub Network brings together people and organisations who share a commitment to Jewish values. JHub is an operating programme of the Pears Foundation. Haverut was awarded a microgrant by JHub and also provide us with support and advice.

Union of Jewish Students

The Union of Jewish Students (UJS) is a voluntary membership organisation which represents 8500 Jewish students studying in the UK and Ireland. UJS is a confederation of Jewish Societies (J-Socs) but also provides further opportunities for student engagement through our national programming. The UJS provide funding and invaluable support to Haverut.